If you haven’t read the first part of Nacho’s saga, please click here.

So Nacho was really keen to get this thing done and he invited a friend to come over and try some more. Before she arrived he sent me some photos of his place and I tried to guide them through what I would do in that location: position myself with the big window behind me; hang something dark as the background, move the sofa out of the way so I could position my model there, etc.

Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of this attempt to show. Nacho was manual focusing and all images were out of focus. He then realised his camera’s diopter was off. Well, it can happen to anyone and luckily he wasn’t shooting with a paid model!!!

But then, on Wednesday morning, not even a week after he fist message me, I woke up to this:

Photographer: Nacho Almarche | Model: Martín Chuecos

He didn’t just nailed it, he also got me jealous of the picture!!! His shot of Martín Chuecos, from Major Models Milan, is not only amazing, it’s the best photo in Martín’s Instagram feed!

So there you have it! In less than a week chatting online, Nacho went from having no idea how to shoot something similar to my B&W to completely nailing it and making me jealous of his picture and wanting to create some amazing imagery soon!!!