Lensbaby Sol 45 for Sony

I had my eyes on Lensbaby for quite a while now, but the ones I thought were good have always been a bit pricey for me and the cheap ones were not exactly exciting. But on 7th August Lensbaby released the Sol 45 (and the Sol 22) at a really good price range (in Australia, A$278), so I thought it was the time to get myself one.

The lens arrived on Monday and today (Tuesday), Ella came over so we could test it out!

A quick test is not really enough but what I can say so far is that the lens is very difficult to use, specially if you are not a manual focus person (and I’m shooting with a Sony A7R III, I can only imagine how had it would be to shoot with a DSLR without Focus Peaking) but the results are quite nice.

The photos you see where taken with the Sony A7R III + Lensbaby Sol 45 and edited in Capture One Pro 11 to make them look like they were taken with Ilford Delta 3200 B&W film. No Photoshop or anything else applied to this image other than some exposure, contrast and curves adjustments.

The Lensbaby Sol 45 has a fixed aperture of f/3.5 and two “bokeh blades” for more “in-camera creative control”, as Lensbaby says in their website.

Sony A7R III + Lensbaby Sol 45
ISO 400, 1/100s, f/3.5
Both Bokeh Blades in front of lens, horizontally positioned

I will try this lens a bit more, so stay tuned 🙂