A couple of months ago I met Mini thanks to a friend we have in common, Matt, and we clicked straight away. She is so much fun and we both just can’t shut up for a minute!!

After that we’ve been talking about shooting a fashion editorial on the beach, and I had a very clear image in my mind of how I wanted the photos to turn out. For weeks we’ve been planning the outfits, location, mood, etc, and yesterday we finally went out to shoot!

Our original plan was to shoot at Nudgee Beach, as it’s usually quiet without a lot of people around and it’s not your usual pretty Australian beach. Upon arrival, a surprise: there was no beach. The tide was so high there was absolutely no sand for us to stand on. So we kept driving north, ending up in Redcliffe, in a tiny stretch of sand. That turned out to be perfect for the mood we were going for.

We also had a bit of luck with the weather, as it was EXACTLY the type of overcast day we wanted for this shoot.

These images have very little editing and the composition was completely done in camera, they have not been cropped or straightened at all.

I hope you enjoy!

Model: Mini Gallagher
Hair & Makeup: Mini Gallagher
Stylist: Bruno Domingues & Mini Gallagher
Pants: Pretty Little Thing
Cardigan: Pretty Little Thing
Location: Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia
Camera: Sony A7R III
Lens: Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 & Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM
Settings: ISO 100, 1/250s – 1/640s, f/4 – f/5.6

Natural light, no reflector.

Processed in Capture One Pro 11 and retouched in Photoshop.

  • Continuation of this shoot here!

Please note: This images are copyrighted. Do not use them without permission.