My friend Elle and I had some fun shooting with LED lights and gels, as well as just styling things in blue.

Model: Elle Steiner
Agency: 8Elite Models
Makeup: Elle Steiner
Styling: Bruno Domingues & Elle Steiner

Camera: Sony A7R III
Lens: Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM
Lighting (images 1 and 9): Yongnuo YN608 Ring Light; Rotolight NEO; Phottix M180
Lighting (all other images): Jinbei 600HD with small silver reflector (Godox transmitters)

Camera settings:
ISO: 100
Aperture (images 1 and 9): f/1.4
Aperture (image 6): f/6.3
Aperture (all other images): f/5
Shutter Speed (images 1 and 9): 1/125s
Shutter Speed (all other images): 1/200s