On the night of Wednesday 4th December 2019 we had our first night time photowalk, and it was fun!!!

Over 20 photographers and 3 models joined us to have some fun with small and big flash, small and big LED lights in every shape and form, and using the available light along Brisbane river.

Photographers with no experience using flash – and with no flash at all – managed to get awesome shots thanks to everyone’s sharing spirit on the night! From swapping lights with other photographers to just someone holding the light while others could take their shots, we are seeing some amazing images come through!

Here is a small collection of the photos I managed to quickly snap on the night as well as some behind the scenes images and video. If you would like to see more, please join our community on Facebook or follow the hashtag #bcpw2019 on Instagram!

Chloe Shannon Stout (8Elite Models), Isabella Kim (8Elite Models), Jess May.