* Photo of Beth for attention only!

If you’re a Sony Alpha shooter, you might some times want to check how many photos you’ve taken with your camera, or maybe you’re buying a second hand Sony camera and you would like to know how much use that camera has had.

These guys from Slovenia came up with a simple way to grab that information from a JPEG or RAW file shot with your Sony Alpha. The image is not uploaded anywhere and all the reading of the EXIF is done locally in your own computer (I checked the code myself, in fact you can even save the html page and run it from your own local drive – that wouldn’t cover future updated cameras Sony will release, of course).

So just head over to http://tools.science.si and drag & drop your latest file (before editing it so all the metadata from the camera is still there).

The tool is built upon the discoveries done by the creators of ExifTool!