Team up!

One nice thing to do is to start working with bigger teams, not just you and the model. Of course this introduces more complexity to the whole thing, like creative differences, getting all the team together in one place and time, personalities and so on.

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I have been lucky with all the teams I worked with so far.

When you go out looking for people to team up with, make sure all the personalities go well together. If you can find people that already know each other and worked together before, even better!

Eventually you’ll have the go to people for your needs as you try working with different hair & makeup artists, stylists, models, etc.

Chantelle, Niki & Meisha

Remember when I did the Hunter Creative thing and the stylist had a gown by designer Niki Teljega? So because of that, I ended up working with Niki quite a lot!

This was our first shoot together. Niki had a friend who wanted to get into modelling and I offered to help out – I did need more experience anyway and really wanted to meet Niki. In the end that didn’t work out but we didn’t want to waste the day we had booked for the shoot, so we decided to put a team together and do something.

Our team for this shoot was:

We spent the WHOLE day together and shot six different gowns with different makeup looks. Massive day.

Here are some of the photos created that day:

Shot with the A7R II and Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM.

And some Behind the Scenes:

This was a day I made some amazing friends. I have worked after that with each of them many, many times!!!

Niki, Emilia, Karla, Georgia & Sasha

Models: Georgia Cook and Karla Gutteridge Photographer: Bruno Domingues Hair & Makeup: Emilia-Maria Krenzel Designer: Niki Teljega Flower Crowns: Sasha Rose Assistant: Morgan Carew Assistant: Yassine Dahiri Assistant: Joel Dixon

Niki, Emilia, Sasha, Karla and Georgia were having a forest shoot and their photographer pulled out last minute, so they asked me if I wanted to shoot that with them, and I said yes.

The shoot was to be done in a forest, early start for hair & makeup. This was a bigger job than the one before, but we did it faster. Fighting the mozzies was the biggest challenge!!!

Emilia was responsible for the amazing makeup and hair; Niki brought her stunning designers; Sasha made incredible flower crowns for this shoot! So yes, apart from having to fight the mosquitoes, this was a lot of fun!!

And the Behind the Scenes, of course:

Meisha & Ali

Model: Ali Gordon HMUA: Meisha Demears Assistant: Morgan Carew

I got back together with Meisha to shoot some awesome makeup stuff. The main reason for this shoot was basically catch up with Meisha and meet Ali, we sort of just all wanted to work together so we made it happen.

This was another really fun full day shoot:

Behind the Scenes:

DQ Magazine

I also assisted the cover shoot for the first ever DQ Magazine and shot two covers for it myself. These are always big teams!

Other than that, most of my shoots are way smaller, usually just myself and the model, some times with a hair & makeup artist and some times with my assistant Isabelle.

One of the best things about working with big teams is of course the friends you make but also how much you learn from other creatives. Know how to talk to makeup artists, stylists, etc, goes a long way to make any shoot smooth and efficient. It’s a lot easier for me now to communicate to any member of the team I’m working with so there are more chances of getting the images I’m looking for!

Things not in this post

Some things that happened during this time are not in this post. The next few posts will be about them, one by one, because I believe they are worth talking about a bit more, so I can try to explain what I learned from them.

A few of them are:

  • Magazine submissions;
  • Networking events.

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