This film was created with the help of many, many amazing humans.


Piano: Cat Gallagher
Voice: Emily McMullen
Sound Engineer: Hugh Sinclair
Creative Musical Director: Emily McMullen

Featured Artists

Emily McMullen
Rowan Bowyer
Jessica Bordeaux
Jess May
Rani Tesiram
Tilly Oddy-Black
Mina Yahagi
Lara Gibson
Ruby Gunnis
Christine Bowley
Annaliese McGuire
Sabrina Matruglio
Bruno Domingues
Daniel Trigger
Chantelle Lockett
Cat Gallagher
Camila Vilanova
Jess Thomas
Elle Steiner


Isabelle Rickards: Bruno Domingues shooting Camila Vilanova
My wife Roberta: Footprints on the beach
Bruno Domingues: All other footage