I’ve been looking at getting a 120 film camera for a while now, but they’re very popular at the moment and the prices have skyrocketed. I went to Cairns for a break, to stay with my friend Marc and relax for a week and I didn’t want to take my digital cameras with me at all. Unfortunately my Nikon FM, which would be my first choice of film camera to take there, is set aside for a long term project and I didn’t really want to take just the Canon EOS 500 as it’s too modern of a camera. Luckily, I found a Mamiya 6 Foldable for sale the night before my trip and went to pick it up next morning.

The seller also gave me a couple of expired B&W film rolls and I went to Racket to get another B&W and a Portra 400 rolls. I didn’t plan to have any shoots at all, just wanted to take photos of everyone I was going to meet on this trip. But talking to Isabella and finding that she was also in Cairns, changed that and we did a quick shoot with two rolls!

Shot with Mamiya 6 Foldable, Kodak Portra 400 120 and Kodak X-Plus 125 120.
Model: Isabella Galletly
Location: around Marc Steiner’s “Da Shed”
Developed and scanned by Racket Film