“Art & Print Store”.

I never saw myself as an artist. In fact, I tried to always explain to people, when they called me an artist, that I am not. I see myself, usually, as a professional photographer. I take photos for a living and because of my background in the tech industry, I’m extremely efficient and big on workflows.

The upside-down world we live in right now

Always trying to make my workflows better so I can deliver better images every time, all while having a very fast turnaround, it’s what keeps me going in such a difficult industry to be in and “make it”.

But things change, the world went crazy last year, and I guess we all started to look at ourselves more and change things in our lives.

And so I started to look at my work differently. I mean, not the work I do for clients: with those I’m still thriving to deliver better imagery, and faster, with every job. But the work I do for myself that’s supposed to be more creative.

Prints & Artwork

That made me think if I should sell prints. Most of photographers I know sell prints are landscape photographers, wild life photographers, street photographers, etc. I never thought people would be interested in having my images of models hanging on their walls, but asking around, the answers surprised me.

And earlier this year I started to paint my own photographs, first onto t-shirts, then on canvas.

Selling them

For that reason I decided to start selling prints and my artwork. Not only that but I’m taking commissions for my artwork and even painting other people’s photos.

If you have ever purchased any of my work, like my photography tutorials, you probably know the models I work with always get a cut of the profits, and this is no different.

So if you are interested in purchasing prints of my work, or paintings, or even t-shirts, head over to my Art & Print Store.

Some of the work available to be purchased/commissioned

Below you can see some of the artwork already painted and ready to be shipped (but please visit the store, there are lots more there), as well as other images available to be painted or printed.

I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your ongoing support!

GRACE#1 - Ready to be shipped
GRACE#1 – Ready to be shipped

Some examples of t-shirts created:

And some of the images available to be painted and/or printed: