Why I Did it

STRANGERS is a project I started in August 2022, after years of wanting to do so and never doing it.

The reason behind it was to put myself out of my comfort zone. It might not look that way, but I actually get anxious asking strangers if I can take their photos.

The Plan

My idea was to take always two photos of each person: one with a 50mm and one with a 35mm. The film I chose was Ilford XP2. I like XP2 and it’s developed as C41, so it’s not as expensive to develop as other B&W would be.

Also, I wanted to photograph 90 strangers.

How it Went

The project started well, but the Nikomat got stuck with the second roll, and I stopped that roll (had to put it back in the canister at night under my blankets). Even though I loaded another roll, I never shot for the project again.

So I ended up with around 20 people. I wanted to keep going, but life happened and I also ended up shooting my rolls of XP2 for other projects.

Some of the photos I took didn’t work as well as expected so they’re not included here. Also some people mentioned in the notes at the end didn’t make it (some because I got no good photos of them at all, and one particular girl because I never got her details from her dad who was going to contact me after).

Dev & Scan by Racquet Film

The Strangers

I hope you enjoy the photos. Some of them became my friends and that’s my favourite thing to come out of this project.

Much love.