The golden-haired girl crashed on Earth while exploring the galaxy. As I was the first earthling she encountered, she asked what planet this was.

– Welcome to plant Earth – I said, followed by her reply, looking around in disbelieve: – But all I see is water!

As she checks her spacecraft, making an inventory of what’s missing, I learn her name is Bianca and she comes from a little asteroid not far from and not bigger than B612, which you may know.

– Do you know the little boy with golden hair like mine? – she asks.
– Yes I have heard of him but never had the pleasure of meeting him!
– He’s my neighbour. His planet is so small though. I just came from there as I was attending to his demanding rose and sheep! Always out exploring, that little boy!

Her spacecraft was strange and hard to believe someone can travel in space with such vehicle – a three legged device resembling a weather station.

– It looks like it’s mostly intact – she says, talking about her spacecraft – I just need to collect some scattered parts and find some fuel!

I had my camera with me so I decided to stick around and see how this interesting creature would deal with her problem in a totally strange planet.

As she looked around, collecting the scattered parts of her strange vehicle, I followed her with my camera, learning more about my new friend. Her neighbour, the little boy better known as The Little Prince, did tell her about Earth, but his visiting experience was in the desert, not in the East Coast of Australia, during a storm, so her surprise seeing so much water made sense.

– I think I have all the parts – she says, happily pushing a trolley she found – Now all I need is fuel!

I’m trying not to ask too many questions and let her speak – and she does that a lot – and so she mentions where she can find fuel.
– My fuel finder says I can get fuel in a place called Brisbane – she says – I guess I’ll walk there!
– That will take a full day!!!
– That’s ok!
– And another full day to walk back! And that’s if you don’t stop to rest or sleep!
– I spend days without resting or sleeping! How long are your days here on Earth?
– Our days are 24 hours long, how long are the days on your planet???
– Oh!

That’s when I realise how small her planet is. She did mention that it was not much bigger than B612, so I should have figured that out earlier.

– I’m going to need a vehicle! – she says with a smile as if I didn’t just crushed her plans – there, that thing!

As she starts pushing the trolley towards my car, her face changes.
– Why does your vehicle have so many wheels? Can’t we just fly there?
– No! We drive – I answer.
– Drive? How silly – she replies, giggling.

I tell her I can drive her there and back, and that’s when I ask:
– What sort of fuel do you need to get back home?
– It’s called Love – she says.


Model: Bianca Sutherland
Location: Snapper Rocks

Camera: Sony A7R V
Lens: Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART
Editing Software: Capture One Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Behind the Scenes