So just when you think everything is going ok, slow and steady, this happens.

I mentioned before that everything I study about the business of photography will tell me the same thing: it takes 10 years.

So what happens when you are 4 years into those 10, feeling that you’re on the right track, and a global pandemic shuts the world down?

You are, forgive me my Frency, fucked.

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The Costs

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You see, I still haven’t had the chance to save any money. With the personal costs of living (mortgage, food, electricity, health, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc) there also business costs and investments. Gear insurance (that’s definitely not being renewed), public liability insurance, Internet, phone, website hosting, air conditioning in the studio – just installed with 18 months to pay-, new computer to cope with the high volume of work – purchased 6 months ago with another 6 months to pay – and so on, it gets a bit hard to prepare for the difficult times.

Most of these costs cannot be avoided, they are with you every day, for a long time.

The Income

Right before the pandemic hit, I had consistent work to keep me going and trying to step up with every job.

I had consistent work with a talent agency, starting to get more and more e-commerce work with a label, my photowalks were becoming more popular each day, and so on.

And overnight, they were ALL gone. Not a single source of income. Just like that.

Now you might be thinking “well this happens with people everyday, they get sacked without notice”.

Yes they do, and they go out and find another job.

But there are no jobs for photographers.

What now?

The Australian government is trying to help, but so far it looks like I’m not eligible to anything (but I’m still waiting and hoping).

So for the time being, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to earn SOMETHING while also helping the amazing models I work with often.

I have streamed live photoshoots outdoors and in the studio; have done editing classes online; and now I have editing tutorials up for sale as well as photography tutorials – so you can see me shooting as I explain what/why/how I’m doing it.

These are things I always wanted to do and didn’t really have the time, but now I do!

All sales profits from photoshoot tutorials are split with the models, as a way to help them as well (yes they are also in a similar situation, not getting work).

So if you would like to help me and my model friends, follow the links at below.

I hope you enjoy my work

So I’ll leave you with some of my most recent work, as well as some of the work you can see being created in my tutorials (and some old photos re-edit to practice new editing techniques).