It’s not every day you get offered the opportunity to shoot in a very peculiar location, so when I got asked if I wanted to shoot there – a place a knew very well – I couldn’t say no. I reached out to Annaliese for the shoot as she was perfect for my vision. And boy we’re in love with this shoot!

I shot everything in B&W with high ISO settings to get closer to a film look already in camera. Even though I brought some LED lights for background effect (and one to light Annaliese if needed), they stayed in my backpack and we worked with the available light only, which was pretty cool.

Model: Annaliese McGuire
Location: Undisclosed
Camera: Sony A7R III
Lenses: Sony 28mm f/2, Sigma 135mm f/1.4 ART
Available light only.

I hope you enjoy this editorial as much as we enjoyed creating it!